Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Slab Pizza

Slab pizza is a place my sister introduced to me. It is one of the "it" place for college students to hang out and I definitely missed that memo. But I am glad I got to experience this wonderful place. I haven't been impressed with too many pizza places and not too many pizzas are more than a greasy triangle. Pizza is pizza. Or so I thought. Slab is much different. First they have a huge selection from Green chile, Rosemary potato and bacon to red curry pulled pork and Chicken bacon Ranch. The second thing that is different about this place is the amount of pizza you get. One slice at Slab is two slices at another restaurant.

The restaurant itself and the concept is very simple. It has lots of long tables which is good for big groups or easy to section off for smaller parties perfect college hang outs. There is plenty of open space to sit and big TVs to watch the game on. But, the best part about this restaurant though is the amount of flavor they get into all of their slices.

They make every pizza fresh with the option for one order (a fourth of a pizza) or a whole pie with your choice of quality toppings.

This time around I ordered the Pesto. It has a pesto sauce, chicken, feta and red onions. This is my all time favorite. The feta cheese makes it very creamy but not overwhelming. The onions add sweetness and all of the flavors blend nicely. All that combined with a perfectly crispy crust makes this possibly my favorite pizza of all time.

My husband ordered the pulled pork. It has the house bbq sauce and coleslaw. I love the way they presented this one. The way they piled the coleslaw on top made it seem like a gourmet dish. It also brings a nice cooling balance and it brings some crunch to a tangy and rich to the pizza. Each bite invited you back for more.

This has defiantly become one of my favorite pizza joints. There are so many different slices that there is something for everyone to enjoy. I would encourage everyone to go to Slab pizza and get an awesome slice of pizza as big as your face. It takes the idea of the simple pizza and they put their own spin and creativity on each piece. Not only is it pizza, but it's pizza worth blogging about. One of our goals is to try all of the slices and pick our favorites even though the Pesto and Pulled Pork will be hard to beat!

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  1. We went there when we were at Meg's wedding and I was also impressed. I couldn't resist trying the potato and bacon because it was so unique. I met the owner and had a nice conversation with him. He has such an interesting story and really took time to talk to us. Great pizza!